Phone Number Trace

Phone number owner

$150 locate owner of phone information. No hit $25 fee. This is more than the standard internet search and involves investigations from many different sources. Max 48 hour results.




Starting at $1500 based on square footage or how many rooms. Serving Los Angeles and Ventura County. Travel may require an additional fee. Non-refundable deposit $500. We locate hidden cameras and audio devices.


Polygraph Services

Polygraph Exam

$800 in our office. Available nationwide at your location, for additional cost. $400 Non-refundable deposit required.


Property records

Property records search

$100. Includes property details, owner and history of ownership. Max 24 hour results.


Background Check

Criminal Background Check - State

$250 per state or national search $1500.  Legal name and Birthdate required. Birthday can be supplied for $25. Max 48 hour results.

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