Our History…


Nick Harris Detectives and Detective Academy  is the oldest USA owned detective agency, older than the FBI.

At the beginning of the illustrious PI profession, Alan Pinkerton would become the father of private detectives, the first Master Detective. He founded Pinkerton Detectives in 1850. Their logo, an eye, and slogan, “we never sleep” gave birth to the term, private eye. Nearly half a century passed and the Pinkertons were without competition. In 1906, Nicholas B. Harris, an investigative reporter turned police detective founded Nick Harris Detectives. A year later the Nick Harris Academy opened bearing his name. Credited for solving many of the most baffling criminal cases at the turn-of-the-century, Mr. Harris, a legend in his own time was known for many peculiarities.

The world’s second Master Detective would not handle or accept a pen from anyone. He always put his left shoe on first, and considered Friday the 13th and black cats to be lucky. Strange as it may seem, his best friends were criminals he sent to the big house. Following closely in Nick’s footsteps was Master Detective, Milo Speriglio, director of our detective bureau and administrator of the Academy. Milo was a 39 year veteran private eye, like Nick, he too was a criminologist, author and world noted PI. In 1923 Mr. Harris was a candidate for mayor of Los Angeles. Coincidentally, Milo Speriglio was also on the ballot some half-century later. To add to Milo’s colorful life, according to Milo’s wife, Patricia, Milo won Nick Harris Detectives in a poker game from an unknown individual. We are still trying to find out who Milo won the agency from.


J. Corey Friedman is now the Master Detective & qualified Manager for the Nick Harris Detective Agency. Under J. Corey Friedman’s direction, Nick Harris Detectives continues to receive international distinction. As a speaker at the 2005 World investigators Conference, in Las Vegas, he was asked to return in 2010 as a Featured Speaker. While not an author like his previous counterparts, Mr. Friedman appears regularly in TV and Film highlighting his investigative talents. Among Nick Harris Detectives many high profile cases are the mysterious deaths of Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Natalie Wood, and George Reeves, the original superman. Other cases include: O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, The Hillside Strangler, and Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker.

Nick Harris


Nick Harris Detectives has conducted over a million successful, confidential investigations during the past 100+ years. Over ten thousand have graduated from the Academy, many have gone on to become among the world’s foremost investigators.